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Fudge pieces made the old fashioned way in bake stable options and numerous flavours & colours. Small sized pieces to work in a variety of product applications. Chocolate and fat coated popping candy, meringues, sugar pearls, biscuit & wafer pieces.

Fudge Toffee
  • Natural Caramel Fudge Pieces 6mm
  • Nat Caramel Fudge Pieces 3mm
  • Dairy Fudge Pieces 9mm
  • Coconut Fudge Pieces 6mm
  • Chocolate Fudge Chunks 6mm (Frozen)
  • Cookie Dough Flavour Fudge Pieces 6mm
  • Caramel Truffle Pieces 6mm (Softer Texture)
  • Caramel Truffle Pieces 6mm
  • Toffee Pieces 3-8mm
Chocolate Coated Items Fat Coated Items
  • Dark Chocolate Coated Meringue Granules
  • White Chocolate Coated Meringue Pieces
  • Milk Chocolate Coated Wafer Cone Pieces
  • Milk Choc Coated Popping Candy Clusters 0-6mm
  • Milk Choc Coated Popping Candy Clusters 6-16mm
  • Red Lustre Milk Choc Popping Candy Clusters
  • Fat Coated Meringue Granules
  • Fat coated Cookies & Cream Pieces (Frozen)
  • Fat Coated Digestive Crumb
  • Cocoa Butter Coated Meringues
  • Chocolate Coloured & Flavoured Sugar Pearls
  • Fat Coated Popping Candy (Frozen)
  • Red Sugar Pearls
  • Yellow Sugar Pearls
  • Orange Sugar Pearls
  • Green Sugar Pearls
  • Purple Sugar Pearls
  • Five Colour Sugar Pearl Blend
  • Three Colour Sugar Pearl Blend
Truffle Style Pieces Blends
  • Belgian Chocolate Truffles 3-12mm
  • Low Melt Compound Pieces 3-8mm (Frozen)
  • Low Melt Dark Compound Pieces 3-8mm (Frozen)
  • Soft Choc Truffles Extra Small (Frozen)
  • Soft Choc Truffles Small (Frozen)
  • Soft Coconut Truffle Pieces 8mm (Frozen)
  • Choc Truffle Blend
  • Bagged Sweet Pastry & Chocolate Blend
  • Indulgent Brownie & Choc Pieces (Frozen)
  • Blended 5 Coloured Sugar Pearls
  • Kibbled Toffee Popcorn