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With seven decades of manufacturing experience, a passionate R&D team, and the broadest range of food and beverage inclusion capabilities, we’re ready to bring your custom creation to life.

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We specialize in developing innovative ingredients for our customers, creating new taste, color and texture sensations to elevate the ordinary to extraordinary.

Chocolate Sauce

Chocolate Sauce

Fudge flakes

Fudge Flakes

Brownie dough

Brownie Dough

Chocolate chip cookie

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

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Quality You Can Trust

We guarantee high quality products and ethical standards – our total quality programs are recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative. Learn more about our quality and accreditations.

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Sauce Production

The amount of sauces we produce every day weighs about the same as 5 cargo containers.


Cookie Dough

If you lined up all the cookie dough the Dallas facility produces annually, it would wrap around the Earth 1.378 times!



If you bagged all the pralines we make for an entire year, it would weigh about as much as 240 African elephants!


Hard Candy

The weight of hard candy we produce daily is the equivalent to the weight of about 2.42 hippos.


Baked Goods

The weight of baked goods that we produce annually is the equivalent of about 133 commercial airplanes.


Coated Products

The amount of coated products we produce in a year weighs the same as 13 Statue of Liberty’s.

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