Employee Spotlight: Wilma Velazquez

Name: Wilma Velazquez

Title: Technical Services Associate

How long you have worked for PD: 6 years

What drew you to PD originally? My mother, she has worked for this company for 25 years before I started to work here myself!

What do you enjoy most about working for PD? Being able to work with my family and taste delicious toppings.

Proudest moment working at PD? I was extremely proud when I got the Toppers award for my work in the label room.

Is there a peer or co-worker that has inspired or encouraged you in your career, and how? My sister. She has worked at Pecan Deluxe for 13 years and she has shown me that with hard work you can advance in your career.

Do you recall any embarrassing moments at work? The moment I fell trying to move a pallet with a pallet jack!

What do you enjoy doing outside of work? I love doing nail art and watching dramas. 

What is your favorite food? I love anything chocolate! Pecan Deluxe baked brownie pieces are my favorite!

If you could do another job within the company for one day, what would it be? I would like to try being a developer. I think developing new concepts and toppings for our customers looks so fun! 


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