Indulgence For The Holidays

Indulgence For The Holidays

Use Pecan Deluxe Quinoa Oat Crumble to spice up these recipes for the holidays…


Indulgence For The Holidays

“Pecan Deluxe makes a wide variety of granola, nut, and seed clusters. These inclusions are perfect for dairy inclusions, breakfast toppings, snacking ingredients and more! Our clusters can be supplied in a variety of sizes to best suit your application and are all manufactured within a segregated section of our factory.”


Our crunchy Quinoa Oat Crumble is a perfect muffin topper! We used them on our *pumpkin spice muffin tops.

But if muffins aren’t your fave, try these ideas for an indulgent and delicious snack this holiday season:

Cranberry Quinoa Oatmeal– cooked oatmeal + dried cranberries + cinnamon butter + Quinoa Oatmeal Crumbles

Nutella Banana Quinoa Toast– toasted & buttered sourdough + Nutella hazelnut spread + sliced banana + Quinoa Oat Crumbles

Beauty Bowl– Greek yogurt + blueberries/ raspberries/ sliced strawberries + honey + Quinoa Oat Crumbles

Hearty Stack– pumpkin spice pancakes + brown sugar butter + Quinoa Oat Crumble + maple syrup

*Pumpkin Crunch Tops– Pumpkin spice muffin batter scooped into a greased muffin top tray + topped with Quinoa Oat Crumble. Baked until golden brown (~12-14 minutes; 325F)

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