Afternoon Tea?

Afternoon Tea?

All Natural Tea Bases

Pecan Deluxe Tea Bases

Legend says that a Chinese Emperor long ago was outside, waiting for his servant to heat up his water, when a Camelia tree leaf fell into the pot of water, creating a flavor and experience he had never known and later would be known as tea!  Whether you’re the former emperor of China, a school teacher during recess, or enjoying dinner with family, we know tea is an important part of life, and we take great pride in creating amazing tea bases that not only taste amazing, but have you delighted for a lifetime!  Try one of our amazing tea bases today:  Blackberry Mint, Peach Ginger, Strawberry Hibiscus, Mango & Kiwi Melon

PD Iced Tea

Fill a one-gallon container ¾ with water (can use distilled, filtered, or spring).  Pour in one of Pecan Deluxe’s tea base- 4 ounces.  Place the lid or cap on and shake the container until all is combined.  Pour mixture in a glass filled with ice and enjoy!

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