Boba for Every Occasion

Boba has grown 74% on U.S. Menus in the last 4 years, with tea being the primary application. However, as this trend continues to move from the current adoption phase to the eventual proliferation phase, more applications are moving into the spotlight. When it comes to Popping boba, your imagination is the limit in terms of beverage creations. That is why we’ve created this list to spark your creativity and get you thinking about how you can enhance your beverage program!

Boba for Every Occasion

.01 Cocktails and Frozen Beverages

The world of craft cocktails, mocktails and frozen beverages is only getting increasingly more creative and innovative. Adding popping boba to cocktails and frozen beverages offers a playful and innovative twist that elevates the drinking experience. In a sector of the beverage industry where aesthetics is exceedingly important, popping boba brings not only texture and flavor, but equally as important, visual appeal to your craft beverage. Whether incorporated into margaritas, mojitos, or sangrias, popping boba infuse a refreshing burst of flavor that complements the alcoholic beverages or expertly concocted mocktail. In frozen beverages like smoothies or slushies, popping boba create a unique textural contrast against the smooth and icy drink. Flavors like strawberry, passion fruit, and mango popping boba are popular choices for cocktails and frozen beverages, adding a burst of sweetness and a hint of whimsy to your drink. However, in the world of mixology the sky is the limit in terms of flavor. Consider unique additions like basil lemongrass, strawberry mint, or spicy tamarind popping boba to balance our your creation and bring a touch of excitement to your glass.



.02 Milkshakes and Dairy

Introducing popping boba into milkshakes offers a fun and innovative twist to this beloved dessert beverage. These tiny, juice-filled spheres burst with flavor when bitten into, adding a delightful surprise element to each sip of the milkshake. The popping texture of the boba contrasts with the creamy smoothness of the milkshake, creating an exciting combination of textures and flavors that enhances the overall drinking experience. You can add classic fruity flavors, such as mango, strawberry, or passion fruit, or less traditional flavors like taro, lavender or even pickle! Our custom popping boba allows for endless flavor pairing possibilities with different milkshake bases. Whether you’re looking to add a burst of flavor or a playful element to your milkshake, incorporating popping boba is a surefire way to elevate your milkshake game and leave your taste buds buzzing!



.03 Coffee

Adding popping boba to coffee, both iced and hot, is a unique and inventive way to jazz up your coffee menu. The coffee craze has only gotten bigger and crazier throughout the last decade, and with that consumers as looking for the latest trend in coffee consumption. Adding popping boba into coffee beverages offers an interesting textural and flavor contrast. Flavors like hazelnut, caramel, and vanilla are popular options for iced coffee, providing an enhanced coffee experience. However, don’t let yourself feel limited to these traditional coffee flavor pairings. Less traditional flavors we’ve seen on the rise in coffee include blueberry, lavender, and matcha. While these favors are becoming more common at coffee shops, you can stay on the forefront of innovation by using a flavor delivery method like popping boba.



.04 Sodas and Teas

As dirty sodas continue to take the beverage world by storm, we predict this trend will only get crazier in terms of inclusions and flavor combinations. Incorporating popping boba into teas and sodas adds a playful and flavorful twist to these already popular beverages. For foodservice operators with extensive beverage selections, popping boba is a must to keep up with the trends, and for those with a more simplistic beverage offering, it is an easy way to add variety to your menu. Flavors like peach, mango, and lychee popping boba complement various tea bases, while flavors like cherry, lime, and vanilla work in virtually any soda. Whether you’re looking to liven up your soda or tea with a burst of fruity goodness or add a creamy twist, adding popping boba is a creative way to elevate your refreshment game and tantalize your consumers taste buds.

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