Dark Raspberry Hibiscus Blend

Dark Raspberry Hibiscus Blend

According to the trend forecasters, 2024 is expected to be a BIG year for floral flavors and for snacking! What a great opportunity to introduce limited time offering celebrating seasonal flavors and floral fusions. According to Innova Market Insights, “Around half of consumers perceive that products in the food and beverage market with herbal or floral botanical flavors are good for their health. Consumers also think that innovative products with both floral flavors and functional ingredients boost holistic wellness.” Additionally, snacking is on the rise, with forty-nine percent of consumers snacking more than three times per day, up 8% in the last two years. Within snacking, indulgence remains key. Fifty-four percent of consumers want a snack as a treat, according to Mintel.

Our Dark Raspberry Hibiscus blend beautifully marries the trends of floral flavors and snacking into the perfect indulgent snack blend that still gives consumers the perception of better-for-you benefits. The blend consists of Dark Fudge Raspberry Hibiscus Clusters, Hibiscus Flavored Almonds, Praline Pretzel, Wildberry Clusters, and Pie Chips. 

Innovative, yet simple, the bright floral notes and berry elements perfectly compliment the dark richness of the dark fudge. This blend is great for the refined and elevated palette while also appealing to the every day sweet tooth!

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