Let’s Get This Shamrock Pop’n!

Let’s Get This Shamrock Pop’n!


Pecan Deluxe makes a wide variety of popping candy, fizzy clusters, and confectionaries. These inclusions are perfect for dairy inclusions, breakfast toppings, snacking ingredients and more! Our clusters can be supplied in a variety of sizes to best suit your application and are all manufactured within a segregated section of our factory.

St. Patrick’s Day isn’t just a fun-filled afternoon of parades, dying city rivers green, and guzzling liters of beer, it’s a celebration of a man, Saint Patrick, who has been credited with enriching the Irish culture by using the shamrock to explain the Holy Trinity to the people of Ireland.  To this day, many gather and celebrate the life of Saint Patrick by organizing city-wide efforts to acknowledge his life works. Whether you know the history or not,  join in and celebrate this incredibly fun day!

We created a fun milkshake to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.  Want to create this look for yourself?  Try dipping the side of the glass in a dessert sauce, then rolling the glass in candies or sprinkles.  We used our Green Sugar Sprinkles that carries a vibrant color and works incredibly well as a showstopper!  Fill your glass with the milkshake, then after piping your whipped cream (you have to add whipped cream…this is the law of all milkshakes!!!), then in the words of the late Joan Rivers, “…when you’re leaving the house, put one more accessory on!” Meaning, when you’ve dressed your milkshake and think you have enough items on top, add something else! We created a blend of pretzels, our Green Popping Candy ClustersBrownie Chips, and the Green Sugar Sprinkle, all coated in white chocolate coating then started building the top.  Next we added a few fun decorative shamrock sticks, and a shamrock straw to finish.  This is a super fun dessert, and one that we can guarantee is mighty tasty too!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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