Top Your Next Soup, Soup-erstar!

Top Your Next Soup, Soup-erstar!

Discover Our Versatile Toppings for Enhancing Soups in the Consumer Packaged Goods and Foodservice Industries

When it comes to elevating the flavor, texture, and visual appeal of soups, the right toppings can make all the difference. Whether you’re in the consumer packaged goods or the foodservice industry, offering innovative and delicious toppings can set your soups apart from the rest.

Baked Pieces and Crunches

Crunchy and flavorful, our baked pieces and crumbles are an all-time favorite topping for any and all soups. Available in practically any flavor you can dream up including garlic, cheese, and herb-infused, these bite-sized delights and crispy crumbles add a crunchy texture to your soups while imparting tantalizing flavors.

Praline Pretzels and Nut Meats

The sky is the limit with our array of pralined toppings. From nut meats and seeds to praline pretzels, our pralining process means you can impart custom flavoring for an elevated topping that goes beyond that of a raw nut or basic pretzel. Nut meats have the additional benefit of helping to boost protein and add healthy fats and fiber. Salty and sweet, toppings like our Sea Salt Praline Pretzel or BBQ Praline Pecan are perfect for elevating Chilis, Bisques, and more.


If you’re looking for a more out-of-the-box topping, elevate your soup recipes and get creative with our sprinkle toppings! From savory Bacon Sprinkles to Zesty Lemon Sprinkles, these flavorful bits will melt right in to any soup, adding visual appeal and then fully integrated taste. Adding a citrus sprinkle to international soups like Menudo or Pho is a great way to capitalize on the trend of global flavors while also adding a unique and innovative twist.

Top 10 Crunchy, Crispy Soup Topping Ideas

All of our soup toppings are bespoke and made to order, meaning your options are endless! Not sure where to get started? Get inspired for your next soup-erstar recipe with these toppings and we’ve even include soup combination ideas!

.01   Biscuit Pieces- Corn Chowder Soup

.02   Cheddar Pie Chip- Tomato Soup

.03   Cornbread Pieces- Vegetable Soup

.04   Avocado Flavored Crunch- Creamy Chicken Soup

.05   Sea Salt Praline Pretzels- Beer Cheese Soup

.06   Smokey Flavored Praline Almonds- White Bean Soup

.07   Black Pepper Praline Pumpkin Seeds- Creamy Roasted Pumpkin Soup

.08   Breadcrumb Crunch- Cream of Mushroom Soup

.09   Lime Sprinkles- Menudo

.10   Chili Lime Praline Nut or Pretzel- Chicken Tortilla Soup


In the competitive world of soups, offering unique and high-quality toppings can make your brand stand out. Regardless of your industry, there’s something to satisfy every soup lover. Elevate your soups to new heights with our versatile topping products and leave a lasting impression on your customers’ taste buds.

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