2024 Flavor and Ingredient Trend Predictions

January 03, 2024

2024 Flavor and Ingredient Trend Predictions

As chefs and food scientists look ahead toward the new year, flavor and ingredient trends are top of mind and there is no shortage of excitement and anticipation of what the new innovation will look and taste like. Whether you prefer sweet, savory, sour, umami, or spicy, there is something on this list (released by Datassential, Food Bytes 2024 Food Trends) to ignite your imagination and inspire a unique culinary creation. So, suit up and get ready to dive into the flavors of the future. Embrace the opportunity to combine nostalgic with new, delicate with bold, spicy with sweet and give your consumers the gastronomic adventure of a life time.  

1. Floral flavors

Expected to blossom in a big way, watch out for everything from lavender to violet. What a great opportunity to introduce limited time offering celebrating seasonal flavors and floral fusions. Check out one of Pecan Deluxe’s recently released feature flavor, a play off of the London Fog beverage, Lavender Fog.

2. “A mustard seed is all you need”

This takes on an entirely new meaning, providing complexity to your culinary masterpieces, adding a great crunch and enhancing the texture of your dishes. Pickle ‘em, dry roast ‘em, use ‘em for a seasoning, whatever form you choose, enjoy the burst of flavor, added texture and hint of heat they will bring to your dishes.

3. Spicy Ranch

Like a painter with a blank canvas ranch is a blank slate for flavors and applications.  Whether your dressing, dipping, or just flavoring, just think of all the ways to elevate an icon. Add peppers, chiles, buffalo or sriracha sauce, and satisfy that craving for spice. Douse your salad, dip your chicken, dunk your pizza, whatever you choose, turn up the heat!

Salad featuring Pecan Deluxe Pie Chip and Praline Pecans.

4. Caesar Everything

Romaine has been relegated in the caesar salad world and apparently replaced with just about any other green you can think of: kale, asparagus, broccoli, green beans. In particular, kale and asparagus seem to be rising in popularity when it comes to alternative caesar salad bases. We are even seeing as out-there as radicchio-based caesars. From chicken caesar salads to vegan caesar salads, there are endless variations to play around with.Will this trend redefine our caesar salad or be a new and innovative way to improve a classic?

5. Spam

A chef’s nostalgic secret ingredient is coming out of the can. Once linked to wartime rations and economic hardship, Spam has experienced a resurgence thanks to TikTok and is being rediscovered by chefs and foodies alike. Look for it in your next bowl of Ramen, Sushi Rolls, Fried Rice, Musubi or Breakfast Tacos.

6. Shawarma

Shawarma and/or other meats carved off a spit. Similar to Greek Gyro meat, this dish is made up of spit-roasted layers of meat and wrapped in or served with a pita. However, this Middle Eastern fare is seasoned with spices such as cayenne, cinnamon, all spice, nutmeg and other spices rather than the more herbal flavors of a Greek gyro. In Texas we could liken the concept to tacos al pastor and if that is the case, we are thrilled for this trend to come south and make meat lover’s dreams come true!

7. Shaved Ice

Shaved ice has long been a favorite in many places around the globe, from Korea’s Bingsu, and Japan’s Kakigori, to the later adapted shaved ice of the Hawaiian Islands. Be on the lookout for new globally-infused options with unique flavors and innovative toppings.

8. Cresto De Gallo

Named after it’s resemblance to a rooster’s crest, this pasta is not only beautiful but it’s ruffles and tubular shape help to hold delicate and hearty sauces alike. It is predicted to be the “it” pasta shape in 2024 and thus a favorite among chefs and Epicureans. We are looking forward to the new and innovative recipes that will surface and delight pasta enthusiasts everywhere.

9. Mexican Beers

Mexican beer imports in to the U.S. are up 10.6% according to Bump Williams Consulting. The companies behind that growth attribute their success to one thing: TASTE. Those of us in food and beverage know that as trends come and go and ebb and flow, one constant is that “taste is king”. With the light and easy to drink options to the Mexican craft brews there is likely a version to satisfy everyone in their “pursuit of hoppy-ness.”

10. Sweetened Condensed Milk

From desserts to drinks, sweetened condensed milk makes it’s way to center stage. Commonly found in baked goods like Tres Leche or poke cakes, it is often also incorporated in no baked pies, fudges, ice creams and even drizzled over our #7 trend-Shaved Ice. Whatever the case, milk tea is upgraded, brazilian lemonade enhanced and dulce de leche is all made possible because of this velvety, rich, liquid gold.


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