2024 National Restaurant Show!

May 29, 2024

2024 National Restaurant Show!

Pecan Deluxe had an incredible time exhibiting at the 2024 National Restaurant Association Show! With over 55,000 industry professionals, the 2024 show boasted over 2,240 exhibitors spanning every facet of the industry, as well as an expanded show floor by 10% compared to 2023. We had the opportunity to visit with old friends, and introduce a host of new people to Pecan Deluxe Candy Company and our latest innovations! 

At this years event, we showcased our Popping Boba in a Lemon-Yuzu Slush Float. The tartness of the citrus flavors combined with the creamy indulgence of full-fat vanilla soft serve was the perfect base for both our Mango and Strawberry Popping Boba. We also showcased a variety of global inspired products to top off the beverage concept. From our fruit forward topping choices like our Passion Fruit Popping Candy, Praline Coconut, or Blueberry Lavender Rice Crisps, to classics like our Ginger Cookie Bark, and more niche flavors like our Chile Lime Sprinkles or Taro Nougat, we drew from trending flavors from around the globe to create a one-of-a-kind culinary fusion experience. Whether people went with one of our signature creations, or chose their own topping from our selection of global flavors, we hope everyone left feeling inspired!

We were thrilled to hear that our creation made an impression on the Managing Editor of Restaurant Business, Heather Lalley, who named our Lemon-Yusu Slush her favorite thing she ate at the show in their National Restaurant Show retrospective featuring staff favorites. “It was interactive, novel, visually appealing and so delicious I went back two days in a row,” she wrote.

In addition to introducing people to a small fraction of the scope of Pecan Deluxe’s product offerings, our team was excited to take in some of the burgeoning trends in the restaurant space. One of the biggest trends that visitors of our booth noted was the proliferation of yuzu around the show. From our yuzu slush, to Japanese yuzu flavor and juice suppliers, and beyond, the exotic citrus is becoming a major player possibly due to it accessible yet unique nature. 

Another trend we were excited to see was floral and cherry flavors. From rose lattes to cherry ketchup, the flavor notes are being found in just about everything. We were glad to be able to participate in this trend with our lavender blueberry rice crisps. As lavender continues to make its way into more mainstream QSRs this year, we expect to this the popularity of floral flavors only continue to grow. 

After four days of experiencing the latest the restaurant industry has to offer, we are thrilled to call the 2024 National Restaurant Show a success. Whether you got to meet us at the show, or if you missed us, head over to the contact page and request a sample of some of the items we showcased! Or, have an idea for something custom? Let us know!

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