RCA Conference

March 22, 2024

RCA Conference

The Research Chef Association came back better than ever at this year’s National Conference in Quincy, Massachusetts! The immediate energy and excitement throughout was beyond palpable. We enjoy being a part of this motivated and growing community of Culinologists and learning the new and exciting ways that food science and food innovation is being combined to inspire the next thing in food and beverage. It was energizing to be fueled with educational opportunities and practical demos and stuff ourselves with creative, thought-provoking samples of things like cheeseburger flavored cotton candy, and frozen Mexican hot chocolate cold foam.

Pecan Deluxe was thrilled to be an exhibitor this year, along with many other companies showcasing new and creative products and services. At our booth, we discussed the increased popularity of premium snacking and shared a few of our most recent flavor concepts. Specifically, we showcased the following three snack blends: Poppin’ Orange Cream Float, Carnival Kisses, and Honey, I’m Home.

Poppin’ Orange Cream Float is a deconstructed twist on a classic flavor for ice cream and desserts. This blend features Orange Popping Candy Clusters, Shortbread Pieces, Orange Glazed Pretzels, Orange Jelly Beans*, White Coated Almonds, and Pistachios*. Honey, I’m Home! is snack blend version of a backyard, consisting of  Honey Praline Pretzels, Cornbread Pieces, BBQ Pecans, Honey Caramel Clusters, and Honey Roasted Peanuts. The classic cookout elements of cornbread and barbecue combined with the namesake honey inclusions create the perfect sweet and savory blend reminiscent of summer. Carnival Kisses is summer in a cup, combining all things circus and sunshine! The blend is made up of Cotton Candy Puppy Chow, Crème Brûlée Almonds, White Fudge Coated Pretzels, Blue Raspberry Pie Chips, and Lemonade flavored Clusters.

If you missed us at RCA and would like to try any of our indulgent snacks blends, or if you’d like to catch up, head over to our contact page and reach out!  

*not produced at Pecan Deluxe


Photo courtesy of Culinology®


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