FoodBev Magazine: Indulgent Inclusions for Ice Cream

Pecan Deluxe feature in the March 2023 edition of FoodBev Magazine. 

Check out the full article here: FB65 pp24-27 inclusions 

March 02, 2023

FoodBev Magazine: Indulgent Inclusions for Ice Cream

Ice cream has long been associated with indulgence, but the addition of premium inclusions can elevate a product to even greater heights. Brands such as Ben & Jerry’s have mastered the art of inclusions, while ice cream parlors continue to experiment with new and luxurious additions. From soft brownie pieces to peanut butter cups, which inclusions are currently leaving a sweet taste in consumers’ mouths? FoodBev finds out. 

“Velvety soft dark chocolate truffle pieces, decadent praline pecans, soft buttery caramel pieces, rich and gooey brownie and blondie chunks, and caramel and fudge sauce-filled chocolates…” 

This is not the latest script for a Marks & Spencer advert but, according to Jenny Baillie – business development and marketing manager for Pecan Deluxe Europe – some of the most popular ice cream inclusion currently available on the market.

Ice cream and frozen desserts have long been associated with indulgence. In many cases, this means the quality and diversity of inclusions added to a product– real fruit in place of a variegate, or chunks of chocolate that are sustainable sourced – as well as variety (ie. more than one additional texture/flavor note.)

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