Baked Inclusions

We manufacture a large range of baked inclusions including cookies, brownies, blondies, pound cakes, pie chips, pastry pieces and more. We bake in miniature – small pieces,  perfectly sized to add exciting new tastes & textures to your product.

Our baked inclusions are ideal for yogurt, dessert, ice cream & even bakery items.

Our inclusions can be made custom just for you.  Inquire here and one of our team members will be in touch to discuss options.

Huge range of bakery inclusions

Manufactured to order

Quick turnaround times

Local expertise on a global scale

Dedicated account management

Customized Options

Natural Ingredients

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Our Baked Inclusions

About Our Bakery Inclusions

Our baked inclusions and toppings are just like those you’d find in any bakery shop – just smaller! We manufacture and supply a wide variety of bakery inclusions worldwide, including brownies, cakes, cookies, shortbreads and cornbread pieces.  Sweet or savory.  Perfectly sized to go into or onto your product.  We are the secret ingredient to provide the consumer the experience they are looking for by adding visual appeal and texture for a crunch atop a salad or soup or a delectable chew to ice cream or milkshake…

Why Work With Us

We are the top manufacturer for cake & cookie inclusions… here is why:

  • Hundreds of customers in numerous food industries
  • Our ingredients are ideal for dessert, yogurt & ice cream applications (and many more…)
  • Used by major manufacturers across the world
  • We can tweak recipes & create custom products just for you
  • Our products meet strict food standards and requirements

Our Accreditations

We take food safety very seriously and that’s why we are recognized by the Global Food Safety initiative, holding a  SQF Level 2 Certification for our dedication to food safety and quality. We stand behind our products 100% and are proud to put the Pecan Deluxe name on every single one of them. 

Our Clients

We have hundreds of clients across the United States. Supplying products to well known manufacturers for a wide range of food applications including desserts, yogurts, beverages, ice creams and more. Our R&D team pride themselves on creating industry leading, innovative solutions to take our clients products to the next level!