Our beverage inclusions, toppings, syrups, concentrates and bases are guaranteed to compliment the drink of your choice. We make a wide variety of products to suit any hot or cold beverage, including fruit clusters, tea bases, coffee concentrates, candy pieces & sugar sprinkles… Choose ingredients to elevate flavor & boost the textural and visual appeal of your drink.

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About Our Beverage Products

Whether you’re looking for a cookie dough to spin up in a milkshake or a crunchy cinnamon sprinkle to top off a cappuccino – from chopped pretzel pieces to colorful sugar sprinkles and flavored syrups, we’re the secret ingredient for your every beverage need.  Reach out to our talented, experienced R&D team they are standing by to assist you with innovative product solutions!

Why Work With Us

We are the number one choice for beverage inclusions, toppings, bases, syrups and concentrates:

  • Supplied to quick service restaurants, well known brands and market leading manufacturers
  • Custom made options available…share  your specifications with us and we’ll develop to your requirements
  • Suitable for all kinds of different drinks, hot, cold or frozen
  • Meets strict food standards and requirements

Custom Options

We manufacture a wide range of products suitable for all kinds of drinks, from bases & syrup concentrates to toppings & sprinkles. However, if you have a special project and we don’t have what you are looking for, get in touch with our experienced Culinary Innovation and R&D teams.  We have a passion for creating innovative recipes to your every specification.  We are happy to help!

Our Clients

Pecan Deluxe produces products for a vast array of applications, from ice cream mix-ins, dessert toppings and cereal inclusions, which are supplied to hundreds of clients across the United States. Contact us to find out more about our amazing beverage inclusions, toppings, bases and much, much more!