Breakfast Inclusions

Our breakfast inclusions and mix-ins are available in a variety of textures and sizes and the flavor possibilities are endless.  Made using only the finest ingredients, we have refined recipes over the last 60 plus years to create the perfect addition to your breakfast application.  Add fruit flavored pieces to your waffles, pralined coconut to your breakfast bar, a cluster to your cereal or texture to your oatmeal or yogurt…whatever the project, you can count on us in a CRUNCH!

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Our Breakfast Inclusions

About Our Breakfast Inclusions

We make a vast array of products to be used in breakfast applications from pralined nuts to granolas and other customized confectionery coated clusters. Our team of experienced product developers and culinary chefs are looking forward to working with you. Dreaming up fun, innovative and delicious new breakfast ingredients is a sure way to get more consumers to wake up and take notice of your brand.

Why Work With Us

We are the top choice for breakfast inclusions… here is why:

  • Hundreds of customers worldwide
  • Relied upon by major manufactures around the globe
  • Ideal for use in cereal (hot or cold) yogurt, oatmeal, breakfast bars, granola and pastries
  • Meets strict food standards and requirements

Our Accreditations

We take food safety very seriously and that’s why we are recognized by the Global Food Safety initiative, holding a  SQF Level 2 Certification for our dedication to food safety and quality. We stand behind our products 100% and are proud to put the Pecan Deluxe name on every single one of them. 

Our Clients

We have hundreds of clients across the United States. Supplying products to well known manufacturers for a wide range of breakfast applications; granolas, beverage toppings and cereal inclusions to name a few, we make versatile products to suit all of our customers needs.