Confectioneries & Candies

We have been making confectionery products at our factory in Texas for nearly 70 years & supply many big name brands across the US.

Our candies are ideal for adding to ice cream, desserts, baked goods and beverages amongst numerous other applications…

From peppermint barks and English toffee to fudge coated nuts & watermelon popping candy – we have a great selection of textures, flavors, colors to choose from, and if we don’t have it, we can create bespoke recipes just for you!

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Our Confectionery Inclusions

About Our Confectioneries and Candies

We supply all types of candy items, including:

  • Toffees
  • Brittles & Barks
  • Sprinkles
  • Hard Candies
  • Popping Candy
  • Colorful Coated Rice Crisps

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Why Work With Us

We know that all craveable candies share one thing in common: that certain, distinctive taste that brings people back for more.  We have:

  • Years of experience creating confectionery for a whole range of different applications
  • A team of R&D professionals dedicated to bringing new ideas to life
  • Strict food standards and food safety accreditations
  • A sweet tooth – just like your customers!

Our Clients

Pecan Deluxe supplies hundreds of customers across ice cream, dessert, cereal, beverage & bakery sectors together with quick service & casual dining restaurants.  Our candy products are relied upon by major manufacturers across the United States and the globe.

Custom Options

Don’t see the candy you want?  Our professional R&D Team can use our extensive processing capabilities & expertise to assist you in developing a product for your application and requirements.