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Pecan Deluxe is and always has been a family-owned business. Our founder’s pioneering spirit continues to guide our company’s ongoing success. We are guided by family values; they drive our passion for innovation and exceptional products. But most importantly, they remind us to treat every interaction with the highest level of loyalty, consideration, and respect. These values touch everything we do and everything we create, and they have been an integral part of how we operate for many, many years. In fact, it’s our mission.

Tastes that delight and surprise. Expertise you can trust. A spirit of teamwork that is focused on making sure your next project is met with rave reviews. When you want to create new tastes that surprise, delight, and satisfy, make Pecan Deluxe your ‘secret ingredient’!


The Pecan Deluxe Story

After decades in business, a Texas ice cream retailer made the strategic decision to branch out by selling some of their favorite proprietary ingredients to other companies. This new sideline thrived, and Pecan Deluxe soon became the name that hundreds of dairy, retail, foodservice, and confectionery brands turn to when they want innovative new tastes.

Ice creams. Yogurts. Beverages. Desserts. Confections. Snacks.

Today, Pecan Deluxe has grown to over 600 employees, offering more than 1500 products in the US, Europe and the Far East. And, as we continue our commitment to innovation, inspiration and collaboration, we believe…our sweetest successes are yet to come!

President / CEO

Jay Brigham

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Our History at a Glance

In 1960, a Texas ice cream maker with about 60 scoop shops, branched out and began selling some of their innovative ingredients to other food companies. The new sideline thrived and Pecan Deluxe Candy Company soon became the go-to experts for hundreds of restaurants, food service companies, dairies and confectionery brands worldwide.

Since then, Pecan Deluxe Candy Company has grown into a global organization supplying thousands of products from its facilities in the US, Europe and Asia with expertise you can trust.

When you want innovative taste sensations and textures that surprise, delight and satisfy, make Pecan Deluxe Candy Company…




J.C. Brigham, Founder

Pecan Deluxe Candy Company is founded by J.C. Brigham. Mr. Brigham was in the retail ice cream business and made his own ice cream, as well as, the candies that went into it.


Candy Plant Expansion

Pecan Deluxe begins selling its ice cream inclusions to other companies. As this candy business grows, the need for an additional facility leads to the eventual separation of the ice cream and the candy making business. Pecan Deluxe builds and begins operations in a separate plant entirely focused on making the best ice cream inclusions.

blob The new dedicated candy factory

The new dedicated candy factory opens with hard candy pots and praline kettles.



Bennie Brigham

J.C. Brigham’s son, Bennie Brigham, assumes responsibilities for leading the company as the new President.


Expansion to 65 Locations

Over the next several years, Bennie successfully expanded the retail ice cream store business to 65 locations.

Expansion to 65 Locations
Expansion to 65 Locations
Expansion to 65 Locations
Expansion to 65 Locations
Expansion to 65 Locations
Expansion to 65 Locations


Certificate of Appreciation

Bennie Brigham presents Dallas Mayor Stark Taylor with a certificate of appreciation on behalf of the local Lion’s Club.



Selling the Retail Business

The retail business is sold in order to solely concentrate on Pecan Deluxe Candy Company. As a result, Pecan Deluxe rapidly grew into the most respected ice cream inclusion supplier in the USA.

blob Pecan Deluxe Move and Expansion


Pecan Deluxe Move and Expansion

The Brigham family breaks ground on a 60,000 square foot facility that is now the Pecan Deluxe headquarters. In addition to physical expansions, additional capabilities are added through new equipment including steam kettles and extruders.



Continued Improvement Efforts

In the continued efforts to improve efficiencies, a man-on-board automated storage and retrieval system is installed. The crane holds 1850 pallets in a refrigerated environment and is 5 stories tall.


International Dairy Show

Bennie, Mary and Jay Brigham at the International Dairy Show, where the latest in inclusion innovation is showcased to the Dairy Industry.

blob U.K. Expansion


U.K. Expansion

Pecan Deluxe expands into the European market with its purchase of the Harriet Websters plant in Yorkshire, England.

Falling Granola

New Equipment at the Dallas plant

As the business continues to experience growth, the growing demand is met by adding new equipment at the Dallas plant, to expand capabilities and product offerings. In the early 2000’s rack ovens are added, expanding capabilities to include baked goods, as well as, a chocolate flake line.



U.S. Warehouse Expansion

Pecan Deluxe adds 40,000 square feet of production and warehouse space to the Dallas facility.


Leadership assumed by Third Generation as Jay Brigham is named President

Pecan Deluxe continues its tradition of being family-owned and operated as leadership is reassigned to the third generation. J.C. Brigham’s grandson, Jay Brigham, is named President.

blob Increased Capabilities

Increased U.S. Capabilities

U.S. Product capabilities are increased by adding band ovens and cooling racks.

Cut Out Overhead Dried Fruit


Expansion into Asia Pacific Region

As success in the Asia Pacific region increases, Jay makes the strategic decision to expand operations into Thailand, with the mission of providing the same great service and quality of products they were manufacturing in the US and UK.



Investments for Increased Production Capacity and Safety Improvements

In order to accommodate increased demand for core items and allow for new innovation, the company doubles its production capacity in the United States, increasing baking capacity by 25% and completing many structural, quality and safety improvements to ensure safe, wholesome products and a safe work environment for employees.


Bangkok Office Opens

Pecan Deluxe celebrates the opening of a new office location in Bangkok, Thailand. The building officially opens for business in July, 2018 and offers employees and customers alike, a beautiful new facility for presentations and innovation meetings.



Thailand Expansion

Expansion of the facilities in Thailand produces improved efficiencies in both the plant and front offices. Pecan Deluxe adds conveyors to baking lines, installs form, fill and seal machines and segregates NUT allergens from the current building for improvements in the factory. The new office spaces allows for R&D and QA to all work under one roof, streamlining their efforts as well.

Popping Boba


Popping Boba

Pecan Deluxe Candy Company expands product offerings with the launch of Popping Boba, making them the first fully-operational manufacturer of this product in the United States.



Pecan Deluxe Candy

Pecan Deluxe Candy Company continues to experience great growth and it’s believed that the sweetest successes are still yet to come!

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