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Pecan Deluxe Candy Company customers rely on our unwavering commitment to food safety, quality, ethical sourcing, social accountability, and sustainability. Our Food Safety & Quality Assurance experts work collaboratively to ensure the safety and quality of all our products. We do this with strict adherence to program standards for Supply Chain, Plant Processing, and Product Verification.


Supply Chain Program

All suppliers and materials must meet rigorous safety and quality standards using certifiably safe, high-quality raw ingredients sourced ethically and sustainably. Each ingredient has corresponding specifications developed and utilized to ensure compliance with the most stringent regulations and exacting customer needs.


Plant Processing Program

All products are produced to the highest quality and safety standards preventing physical, chemical, and biological risks. This program is crucial to all processing areas including sanitation, foreign body prevention, allergen management, full traceability, preventive maintenance, and business continuity. We have a program in place that validates—through a third party—our cooking steps with a greater-than-5-log lethality, ensuring products are ready to eat.

Sanitation effectiveness is verified daily through a rigorous environmental swabbing program that screens for ATP, pathogens, non-pathogens, and allergens.


Product Verification Program

Analytical methods are used to ensure our products meet company, customer, and regulatory requirements. All testing is performed as appropriate by the product format and additional customer requirements. Validated testing requirements ensure the critical details of products including moisture, pH, Aw, viscosity, sieve analysis, density, and microbiological testing meet customer standards. Products are guaranteed, and certificates of analysis are available to customers for physical, chemical, and microbiological requirements.


We go the extra mile to meet or exceed a wide range of established food safety and quality standards.

  • Biodiversity and Sustainability
  • Management Commitment
  • Business Continuity
  • Food Fraud Mitigation
  • Food Safety & Defense
  • Site Safety & Security
  • GFSI-Recognized Standards
  • Ingredient Sourcing Continuity
  • Work Place Policies & Practices
  • Allergen Program
  • Hiring Policies
  • Non-GMO Project-Certified Products
  • Supplier Approval
  • Total Quality

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