Brownie Pieces – A Piece of Cake for Premium Desserts

April 2018

  A popular product
Hot on the heels of its successful cookie dough launch, food tailor and ingredients specialist Pecan Deluxe Candy is now providing food manufacturers with another irresistible product line ideal for ice cream and desserts: brownie pieces.

Pecan Deluxe brownie pieces are already a huge success in US and European markets, featuring in multiple product lines from tub and hand-held ice creams and frozen yogurt, to desserts, trifles and sundaes. Brownie pieces are already accessible to the mainstream market, available in ice creams, puddings and granola bars, whilst a leading pizza chain even added chocolate brownies and a decadent fudge brownie sundae to their dessert menu in 2017.

Innovative flavours
Indulgent tastes such as salted caramel and Belgian chocolate are among the most popular soft serve and dessert flavours, whilst Asian flavours, such as matcha, miso and green tea have surged in popularity over the past six months. These flavours are perfect partners for brownie pieces and food companies can now incorporate them into innovative new product lines.

A wealth of options
These versatile brownie pieces are cut into small sizes and MOQs apply. They can be supplied frozen, which are perfect for ice cream & chilled desserts, or ambient – following a second bake to reduce moisture – and are ideal for use as a topping on bakery products such as donuts and waffles, and in beverages such as hot chocolate and freakshakes. Pecan Deluxe can also supply blondies and a range of cake pieces, such as red velvet or sponge cake – all with similar applications to the brownie pieces.

The Australian market for ice cream experienced robust growth of 5% in 2017, driven in particular by the demand for ice cream as an indulgent snacking product. Consumers are especially willing to spend a bit more on ice cream with high quality ingredients – which makes Pecan Deluxe brownie pieces an even more obvious choice.

Exciting options
Pecan Deluxe was originally founded as an ice cream business, hence its outstanding reputation in the sector, and now works with trusted distribution specialist Hawkins Watts, which already has established supply relationships with many blue-chip food companies across the country.

Graham Kingston, Pecan Deluxe European and Asia Pacific managing director, explained: “Naturally, Australia is influenced by trends in the US and Europe, but they are great innovators in their own right, and this shows with the introduction of new, exciting product lines in the Australian marketplace.

“We can use our new products, like brownie pieces, to help far-sighted food developers create their own unique and desirable lines to feed the demand for premium consumer experiences across the continent.”