Success at the Safety Awards

Double Delight
We are delighted to announce that Pecan Deluxe Thailand has received Gold standard award at the safety Thailand contest 2018 and the Drugs Free Workplace award. The first stage of entry was completing all the standard regulation, which included an internal audit. Once completed an application was sent to the Ministry of Labour, and then an external audit was completed. Alongside this, interviews with a safety officer and other members of staff, to ensure they have the required levels of knowledge about safety. A summary of the audits was then sent over to us and informed us we’d been awarded a score of 90 points, putting us in the highest level achievable of gold standard.

Thailand Safety Awards 2018
Prime Minister General Prayut Chan-o-cha has implemented the Safety Thailand 4.0 policy which involves inviting companies take part in contests and are awarded either Bronze, Silver or Gold standard awards depending on their levels of compliance with the safety regulations. This is part of a broader scheme by the government, with the four ultimate aims:
  1. Create Economic Prosperity
  2. Social Well-Being
  3. Raising Human Values
  4. Environmental Protection

Onwards and Upwards
Just because we’ve been presented the highest grade of Gold standard for the Thailand Safety award and the drugs free workplace award, doesn’t mean we are stopping there. The next step for Pecan Deluxe Thailand is to enter the National Safety Awards in 2019. We’d like to congratulate all our team members involved in this fantastic achievement.