April 2018

Huge growth

Here at Pecan Deluxe, we have noticed a surge in the popularity of cookie dough, a versatile and universal product most commonly used as an ice cream and frozen dessert inclusion.

Cookie dough’s popularity has already grown exponentially in recent years, especially in the American, British and European marketplace. Its most typical use in the UK marketplace is in ice cream, and the need for businesses in this crowded industry – worth around £1billion to the UK economy – to keep pace with new trends so that they can keep consumers hooked is absolutely crucial. However, the versatility of cookie dough is gaining momentum in an increasing amount of other indulgent food items. It is available in bakery, snacking and confectionery products, including chocolate bars, biscuits and bitesize pieces, and as a baked, skillet dessert in many restaurants and fast food chains worldwide.

Bespoke options

We are the largest supplier of cookie dough to the dessert industry within Europe, manufacturing cookie dough pieces from our onsite factory and distributing them to hundreds of well-known manufacturers across the continent. These  pieces are designed to be eaten raw, not baked, and are all supplied as individually frozen pieces to ensure they reach our customers in peak condition. We supply wholesale volumes of our products and MOQs apply.

Our range of cookie dough flavours include chocolate chip, plain and double chocolate, but we are at the forefront of innovation and can create bespoke flavours and products for our customers. Our R&D department anticipates market trends and develops new ingredients to suit, whilst working alongside manufacturers to develop inventive products tailormade to meet their requirements and consumer demand.

A global phenomenon 

The leading name in European cookie dough suppliers, we recently launched our signature inclusion into the Australian marketplace, with the aim of replicating its unquestionable, worldwide success.

Graham Kingston, European and Asia Pacific managing director, explained: “Cookie dough is continuing to rise in popularity, especially in new sectors such as snacking and desserts.  Cookie dough is extremely versatile and compatible with other ingredients, so the flavour possibilities are almost infinite. It’s undoubtedly our most popular inclusion in Europe and the US and it’s hard to remember a time before this level of demand.

“The days of concerns about eating raw dough are well behind us: formulas have long since evolved to eliminate raw egg whilst always enhancing taste and texture, and our massive sales of cookie dough across the world show that we must be getting something right.”