Cookies and Scream Ice Cream

Cookies and Scream Ice Cream

Pecan Deluxe creates a Spooktacular Vegan Dessert for Halloween!


Cookies and Scream Ice Cream

“Pecan Deluxe specialises in creating innovative ingredients that create new taste, colour and texture sensations to elevate your products. If you’re looking for pioneering inclusions to add to seasonal applications, get in touch with us today and we can create bespoke options just for you.”

At Pecan Deluxe, we love any opportunity to get creative and innovate with our inclusions – especially when it’s Halloween-inspired! This Cookies and Scream dessert is a simple and effortless way to introduce a spooktacular dessert to your menu. Did we mention that it’s also suitable for Vegan-diets?

This smooth coconut ice cream is combined with our crunchy cookies and cream pieces. A sandwich cookie made of two dark coloured biscuits, filled with a white vanilla crème centre – made with no added egg or dairy ingredients! Topped with a handful of vegan Halloween sweets to add an extra spooky dimension!


Happy Halloween!

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