Hot Cookie Dough Dessert

Hot Cookie Dough Dessert

Use Pecan Deluxe frozen cookie dough chunks to make the perfect hot & gooey cookie pud…


Hot Cookie Dough Dessert

“Pecan Deluxe cookie dough is supplied in convenient frozen chunks. It can be eaten raw after a quick defrost straight from the freezer & used in milkshakes,  waffle toppings &  ice cream sundaes.  But did you know it’s ideal for making cookie dough desserts? – simply add a scoopful of chunks to a dish, bake & top with ice cream (or whatever you fancy) Enjoy! ”


Place a scoopful of cookie chunks (around 100g depending on the size of your dish) to an individual oven proof dessert dish.  You can bake the chunks direct from frozen.  If you want a smooth top to your dessert – just flatten the chunks with a spoon mid way through baking or defrost the cookie dough prior to use (they only take a few  minutes to soften).

Bake at around 180 degrees C (350 F) for about 12-15 minutes

Remove from oven (careful – the dish will be hot!) –  & top with scoopfuls of ice cream, dessert sauce & some big squirts of whipped cream!

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