Chocolate & Vanilla Cupcakes With Crisp Rice Balls

Chocolate & Vanilla Cupcakes With Crisp Rice Balls

Is there anything better than a delicious chocolate cupcake? We’ve topped these with a creamy vanilla buttercream and sprinkled them with our coloured crisp rice balls.

Cupcakes are incredibly versatile – you can make them with a variety of flavours, fillings, toppings and textures.

Although we’re highly innovative at Pecan Deluxe, we decided to create a cupcake with tried and tested flavours – chocolate sponge and a rich vanilla buttercream. To decorate, we sprinkled our coloured crisp rice balls over the top.

We created these to showcase springtime colours, but our sugar pearls, fudge pieces or popping candy would also make perfect cupcake decorations!

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