Cookies And Scream Ice Cream

Pecan Deluxe creates a Spooktacular Vegan Dessert for Halloween!

Cookies And Scream Ice Cream


  • 400g Cocoa Cookie Pieces
  • 500g Coconut Ice Cream of your choosing
  • A handful of Vegan Halloween Sweets

At Pecan Deluxe, we love any opportunity to get creative and innovate with our inclusions – especially when it’s Halloween-inspired! This Cookies and Scream dessert is a simple and effortless way to introduce a spooktacular dessert to your menu. Did we mention that it’s also suitable for Vegan-diets?

The smooth coconut ice cream is combined with our crunchy cocoa cookie pieces. Dark coloured cookies  – made with no added egg or dairy. Topped with a handful of vegan Halloween sweets to add an extra spooky dimension!


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