I Scream for Cookie Dough (Ice Cream)

In many peoples opinion this is the original & the best - chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream.

Soft bites of cookie dough with that unmistakeable sugary crunch & tiny morsels of rich chocolate nestled in a smooth & creamy vanilla ice.

Pecan Deluxe cookie dough pieces are the inclusion of choice in well known ice cream tub brands all over the world  & we've been making this tasty home made style confection in all different sizes and flavours for years.  

Since we started things have come on a bit & we can now offer vegan diet friendly & even no added gluten cookie doughs too.

You might say - we know what we're doughing!!

(If you're a smaller ice cream producer you might be interested to know you can buy our cookie dough in small packs on our ecommerce site Bling! )


I Scream for Cookie Dough (Ice Cream)

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