Pizookie (HOT cookie dough)!!

Pizookie (HOT cookie dough)!!

A pizza-cookie hybrid – whats not to love?

It’s the ultimate indulgence – a cross between a pizza and a cookie!

Our frozen cookie dough chunks are perfect for baking or microwaving into HOT cookie dough desserts.  They can be cooked straight from the freezer with no need to defrost and they take seconds in the microwave to turn into Hot cookie dough – perfect for restaurants.  Portion control &  menu changes are so easy too with the chunk format, making kid sizes and sharing plates a real breeze.

If you want to try out a small pack size yourself or check out our bulk pack offerings then head over to Bling – on our ecommerce platform

Add extra tastiness with our toppings &  inclusions, and we’ve applied our milk chocolate caramel cups to a freshly baked cookie, hot out of the oven.

To finish we’ve added vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce. Delicious!

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