Speciality Ice Cream

Speciality Ice Cream

As we approach the summer months, there’s nothing better than indulging in some delicious ice cream! Our range frozen inclusions are made for ice cream and left to right we have created: Carnival Crunch, Sea Salted Banana, Dark Chocolate & Chilli Avocado and Peppered Strawberry Cheesecake. Get your spoon and dig in!

Carnival Crunch:

We added our multicoloured popcorn pieces to vanilla ice cream and swirled our caramel sauce for some extra sweetness. It’s a party in a pint tub!

Sea Salted Banana:

This delicious banana ice cream is topped with our salty fudge pieces and swirled with salted caramel sauce. Simply divine!

Dark Chocolate & Chilli Avocado:

We made a classic avocado ice cream and added the slightest touch of chilli to give it that extra something! We then topped this ice cream with our low melt compound pieces.

Peppered Strawberry Cheesecake:

We created a strawberry ice cream with a slight hint of black peppercorn, and added our cheesecake pieces to the mix before topping with a strawberry sauce.  The perfect combination of sweet and spicy!


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