Top 5 Waffle Topping Ideas You Need to Try

Top 5 Waffle Topping Ideas You Need to Try

Tired of the same butter and syrup combination? Our list of ingenious ideas will take your waffle recipe’s to the next level!

crop fruit1. MAKE IT HEALTHY
Not all waffles have to be overloaded with treats such as chocolate, brownies and a variety of sauces. Healthier options are just as appetising.
Have you ever tried a waffle scattered with a handful of your favourite fruit, accompanied by a spoonful of yogurt, a sprinkling of  meringue pieces to add crunch, and then a drizzle of golden maple syrup? If not, now is the time!

crop nutella2. CHOC IT UP!
Feeling like treating yourself? Is it a cheat day from the gym? If so, what better way to treat yourself than tucking into the chocoholic heaven of this Ferrero Rocher inspired waffle. This waffle is drenched with creamy chocolate hazelnut spread (e.g. Nutella) sprinkled with gold milk chocolate coated wafer pieces for that special texture (& a totally eye-catching look) and then complimented by a scoop of chocolate ice cream.

avo waffle3. AVO NUTTY ONE!
Not got much of a sweet tooth?
Savoury waffles are just as tasty as sweet ones. A great savoury waffle idea is one that is smothered in a smooth layer of avocado, introducing bright colours to your plate. Further topped with a generous portion of feta cheese accompanied with a some fresh juicy cherry tomatoes. Then saving the best ingredient till last,to bring the whole dish together – a scattering of our praline pecans, which have been toasted & caramelised with sugar & butter in the traditional way using copper pans over an open flame.

crop cookie dough4. COOKIE DOUGH? GIVE IT A GO!
Waffles taste amazing with any type of topping or sauce. But with the rise in popularity of cookie dough over the past couple of years this could be the newest and tastiest combination…
When you have your next waffle why don’t you try it with a generous spoonful of  cookie dough chunks (choose from classic, choc chip or even double chocolate chip varieties).  Serve with a generous scoop of vanilla ice cream & drizzle everything with an indulgent white chocolate sauce and you have a totally doughlicious dessert!

crop fudge5. FUDGE-TASTIC!
For those of you with a sweet tooth, this combination is a match made in heaven
Waffles smothered in chocolate sauce and chocolate toppings are great but if you take the concept one step further and swap out regular chocolate pieces for chunks of delicious melt in the mouth chocolate fudge, you will  wish you had  discovered this combination sooner!
Accompany these divine chocolate fudge pieces with a scoop of chocolate ice cream and a generous trickle of fudge sauce… Delicious!

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