Cookie Craze – Trending Ingredients

We are featured in International Bakery's May Issue, discussing how brightly coloured ingredients and toppings are trending in cookie products, as well as new product developments in bake stable chocolate shapes.

Versatile Sugar Pearls

The use of brightly coloured ingredients in cookies has become increasingly popular, for example, Birthday Cake’ style cookies. With customers demanding natural colours & flavours, Pecan Deluxe has seen an upturn in sales of sugar pearls, coloured using natural fruit & vegetable extracts. The resultant pearls perform well either as a cookie topping or baked inside, retaining both colour & crunchy texture. “Sugar pearls have proven to be a cost-effective cookie addition allowing manufacturers to quickly ring the changes to a base cookie recipe to tap into crazes such as those from new film releases or social media trends.” Explained Jenny Baillie, EMEA Business Development and Marketing Manager.

Bake stable Chocolate Shapes

A new development for the company is bake stable chocolate shapes – moulded from heat resistant chocolate, the pieces retain their form under a variety of bake conditions & open up a range of cookie possibilities.

Read the full article on excerpts pages 30 & 31 here

June 13, 2022

Cookie Craze – Trending Ingredients

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