Cookie Dough Is Becoming A Atand – Alone Dessert

March 24, 2020

Cookie Dough Is Becoming A Atand – Alone Dessert

Cookie dough is becoming so popular among consumers that it is fast becoming a stand-alone, mainstream dessert – a move up from being a versatile and universal product most commonly used as an ice cream and frozen inclusion. It is increasingly making its debut in a number of other indulgent items – including chocolate bars, biscuits and bite-size pieces, and as a baked, skillet dessert in many restaurants and fast food chains worldwide.

Taste of Nostalgia 

Graham Kingston, Pecan Deluxe EMEA Managing Director, explained why cookie dough is so popular: You can taste the real butter, and the texture of sugar granules in the mouth makes for happy reminiscing over days licking the remnants from the mixing bowl when making cookies at home. Nostalgia is one thing, but the product from a textural perspective in ice cream means it’s an ingredient that consumers have fun digging in for.”

Pecan Deluxe is echoing these trends with its cookie dough which, unusually, can be eaten raw thanks to highly rigorous production standards and controls. Additionally, the dough represents an advantage to the foodservice sector as it does not need to be defrosted in advance. Instead, frozen chunks can be scooped directly into a dish and baked.

Experience Indulgencecoolkie dough dessert

“Cookie dough is a completely different entity to baked cookies. It is a soft, indulgent experience that is often spoonable, as opposed to the drier and chewier cookie. Cookies have been around for ages, but cookie dough is still seen as ‘the new kid on the block’ – it’s edgier and is seen as a talking point,” Jenny Baillie, Business Development Manager at Pecan Deluxe, tells FoodIngredientsFirst.

It appears that cookie dough will continue to gain momentum within the dessert market. As evolving quick-service restaurant chains will bring new and unique cookie dough variants to the table, providing an indulgent experience for consumers.

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