Cooking At Home With Pecan Deluxe

July 06, 2020

Cooking At Home With Pecan Deluxe

Amid the Covid19 crisis and the current lockdown, life on the inside has disrupted our natural way of life. The unfamiliarity of staying at home and social-distancing those closest to us has been a shared discomfort for us all. Despite these challenges, our enthusiasm for the products we make hasn’t waned. Our team enjoy experimenting with Pecan Deluxe ingredients to create tasty treats that they often bring into the office (if we’re lucky).

During these strange times, many have turned to baking and cooking at home. Social media feeds were filled with banana bread and other popular makes and there is no doubt that baking can boost our mood! This inspired us to share the brilliant bakes our colleagues have created and contribute to spreading this positive message.

This amazing rainbow cake embraced tribute to our NHS key workers, using our five coloured sugar pearl blend.

Black Forest cakes with chocolate ganache, matched with chocolate cake lolly’s, coated with milk chocolate both featuring our chocolate truffle blend and sugar pearls on top.

 Coconut and lime curd cheesecake featuring our five coloured sugar pearlscoconut fudgechocolate truffle blend

There are simpler ways in which you can brighten up your mood, check out our creations here.

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