Dairy Industries Talks To Pecan Deluxe

November 10, 2020

Dairy Industries Talks To Pecan Deluxe

Our experts at Pecan Deluxe Candy US & Europe share their insights on trends and demand around inclusions for the yogurt sector, with Dairy Industries International.

With a focus on health trends that are influencing both markets, specifically plant based & nutrition. Pecan Deluxe is responding to these trends with no added dairy, reduced sugar, gluten free, vegan friendly & protein fortified options. All the while, without compromising on the flavour and taste.

“There has been a surge in dairy alternatives (plant-based), low-sugar, and high protein options to meet consumers’ desire for health and wellness. At the same time, innovation has happened around indulgent flavours, and utilising texture to provide the experience that consumers are craving.” Explains Tara Gonzales, marketing manager, Pecan Deluxe Candy USA.

Read the full article on excerpts page 36 here.

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