Expanding Business And Breaking The Mould

October 13, 2020

Expanding Business And Breaking The Mould

Over-indulging in lockdown

Consumers across the globe could be forgiven for over-indulging a little during the pandemic- and during lockdown chocolate was no doubt at the top of many shopping lists, it’s no surprise, then that the commercial production of innovative and delicious moulded shapes for desserts continue to grow.

Pecan Deluxe Candy have been manufacturing chocolate shapes for the European market since 2004 with its first caramel filled cups. Two years later moulded shapes are starting to take off internationally, spearheaded by the hugely popular monkey faces which are still in production to this day.

“We have a well-established reputation across Europe as the go-to for bespoke moulded chocolate creations on an industrial scale and many of our greatest achievements are a closely guarded secret! In the past, we’ve been asked to create characters very specific to certain international markets and were always open to discussing new projects” explained Pecan Deluxe’s EMEA Managing Director, Graham Kingston.

Dialling in to demand

The trend for moulded chocolate shapes continues unabated, Pecan Deluxe Candy is leading the way in product development, as well as dialling in to current and predicted demand worldwide to ensure that individual countries’ preferences are (literally) catered for.

Green Turtles anyone?

Graham Kingston concluded; “We are constantly introducing carefully designed and tested new ranges, the latest being turtle chocolate shapes, both solid and filled- the perfect solution to meet the increased demand we’re seeing for different filled and coloured shapes. This demand will of course fuel our never-ending quest to expand our range of coloured and flavoured chocolate and compound products- green turtles anyone?”

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