Hassle free DDP delivery solutions for our European customers


Pecan Deluxe is pleased to announce a new DDP (Delivery Duty Paid) buying option for European customers who just want to take delivery of products without any involvement with customs, Duty/VAT etc.  The ability to supply DDP means:  smoother logistics, customs clearance & inspections & reduced supply chain costs which all assist with keeping prices & delivery times down

Calais is used as the single point of entry to the EU, enabling vet inspection & clearance to be streamlined at one place & the whole process is now managed by a single import broker resulting in a much faster, more efficient shipping process.

Pecan Deluxe Managing Director Graham Kingston said “Brexit hit us with a number of challenges but we remain committed to supplying all our customers with our innovative ingredients and the high service level they expect. This DDP solution is a massive deal because it means our customers in Europe can confidently buy from us hassle free”

December 20, 2022

Hassle free DDP delivery solutions for our European customers

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