Healthy Snacking

May 18, 2021

Healthy Snacking

Indulgent snacks still take the biscuit

For many, life would not be the same without the odd treat. Even with the rise of veganism and the growing popularity of plant-based and clean-tasting foods giving consumers more lifestyle choices, there is increasing evidence that many are unwilling to give up on their indulgent snacks.

Pecan Deluxe’s EMEA Managing Director, Graham Kingston, believes the market has polarised, with on one hand consumers wanting natural full flavour from their snacks, while on the other looking to replace traditional ingredients, especially with increasing interest in vegan friendly foods. He says: “Demand is growing from manufacturers for more innovative flavour inclusions – that extra something that lifts a product out of the ordinary and makes it stand out on a shelf”.

The future of snacking

Confectionery is seeing more play on senses and textural excitement using chilli heat, popping candy, fizz and sour inclusions, while plant-based and free-from are also key drivers.

“What we are seeing is a consolidation where historically new flavour variants have been developed, that shelf space is now being taken by consumer specific ingredients, particularly in the world of ice cream, catering for allergens, weight reduction, veganism, and functional ingredients” Explains Graham Kingston.

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