Hooked On Cookie Dough

April 24, 2020

Hooked On Cookie Dough

Customers have been hooked on cookie dough in ice cream since it originated in the United States around 1984, since then it has been introduced to consumers all over the world and as an ingredient in ice cream has become one of the top five flavour variants globally.

Cookie dough’s popularity continues to grow as retail outlets are offering different ways to socialise, particularly among a younger generation who are snubbing alcohol, with a plethora of exciting desserts and tasty treats, including cookie dough varieties. Pecan Deluxe is servicing this growing market and in response has trebled its cookie dough production capacity in Europe as part of a multi-million pound investment programme.

Liz Jones, Commercial and Development Director at Pecan Deluxe EMEA, explained: “The versatility of cookie dough means it is gaining momentum in an increasing number of indulgent food items across the spectrum. Cookie dough has been popular for decades and, thanks to innovative developments, there’s no reason to imagine that this trend will change any time soon.”

Pecan Deluxe is confident that cookie dough will continue to lead the march across multiple applications.

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