Pecan Deluxe Launches Pretzel Pieces

August 10, 2021

Pecan Deluxe Launches Pretzel Pieces

This month, we feature in International Confectionery, Food Voices and Kennedy’s Confection, introducing our brand-new range of pretzel pieces!

Hey Pretzel!

Salted, crunchy pretzel pieces are a familiar sight in the snacking aisle and a welcome accompaniment to a cool glass of beer, but they’ve also been making a stealthy inroad into the world of desserts where they add desirable savoury notes to trending confections like ice cream & chocolate bars.

Product Assortment 

The new crushed pretzel range consists of three variants (all of which are nut & sesame free): regular uncoated, milk chocolate coated and barrier coated with cocoa butter. These latter options are perfectly suited for adding to foods where moisture is present, with the coating adding a layer of protection to maintain that characteristic crunchy pretzel texture.

Multi-Application Opportunities 

pudding “We’re excited to share these new products with both existing and new customers and we can’t wait to see all the different ways they plan to use them. We’ve tested them in ice cream, layered desserts, breakfast cereal & yoghurt, and on cheesecake, doughnuts and frosted muffins & honestly, we haven’t found anything yet that they don’t work with!” explains Hannah White, Pecan Deluxe Business Development Manager.

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