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Our Fat Coated Inclusions

Our range of fat coated items includes sugar pearls, meringue pieces and many more. Our pieces are supplied ambient or frozen depending on your application. Bespoke options are also available upon request.

RSPO Yellow Sugar Pearls (Ambient)

RSPO Red Sugar Pearls (Ambient)

RSPO Orange Sugar Pearls (Ambient)

RSPO Green Sugar Pearls (Ambient)

RSPO (SG) Fat Coated Scone Pieces 8mm (Ambient)

RSPO (SG) Fat Coated Scone Pieces

RSPO (SG) Fat Coated Popping Candy (Frozen)

Purple Bubblegum Flavoured Popping Candy (Frozen)

Fat Coated Meringue Granules (Ambient)

Fat Coated Digestive Crumble (Ambient)

Fat Coated Cookies & Cream Pieces (Frozen)

Cocoa Butter Coated Meringue Granules (Ambient)

Choc Coloured & Flavoured Sugar Pearls (Ambient)

Bespoke Options

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