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Our Popping Candy

Popping candy is made by trapping carbon dioxide gas into sugar pieces – when the sugar gets damp (in your mouth ideally), the sugar dissolves and the gas escapes with that familiar, satisfying ‘pop’. We supply popping candy coated with a layer of either chocolate, cocoa butter or RSPO certified palm oil to act as a protective barrier, preventing the sugar dissolving too early so that the popping candy maintains it’s ‘pop- ability’ in a variety of different food applications.  Popping candy is a great ingredient to add excitement to foods such as ice cream, chilled desserts, decorated cakes, doughnuts & even cocktails.

We offer ‘natural’ unflavoured/coloured popping candy & different colours & flavours including pink, green or purple bubblegum.  Other colour & flavour combinations are available on request – if you can think it, we can make it – so let the fun begin….

UTZ (MB) Barrier Coated Pink Popping Candy

UTZ (MB) Barrier Coated Green Popping Candy

RSPO (SG) Barrier Coated Popping Candy (Frozen)

RSPO (SG) Barrier Coated Popping Candy (Ambient)

Purple Bubblegum Flavoured Popping Candy (Frozen)

Milk Chocolate Coated Popping Candy Pips

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