Cookie Dough by the case

Our yummy cookie dough is made here in Yorkshire using all-natural ingredients.  We form the dough into small sized chunks and freeze them straight away to keep them in peak condition.  You can eat our cookie dough raw (it’s great in ice cream & milkshakes) AND you can bake it into delicious hot gooey cookie dough desserts ready to serve with your favourite toppings.

Two tasty options: Chocolate Chip & Classic Vanilla

Frozen individual chunks – quick to defrost & easy to portion

Premium quality – made with real butter, vanilla & demerara sugar for that authentic homemade taste

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Bake from Frozen

Eat Raw

Easy to Portion

Fantastic Taste

Our Cookie Dough

We are offering two tasty options: Chocolate Chip & Classic Vanilla. The size of the dough pieces makes them easy to both handle and process.

Classic Vanilla

Chocolate Chip

About Our Cookie Dough

The versatility of our cookie dough is what makes it so special. It can be blended into milkshakes and sprinkled on desserts, amongst many other imaginative applications.

  • Eat raw – our cookie dough is purpose made to be eaten ‘unbaked’.
  • Fantastic baked – great for cooking up super trendy hot, cookie dough desserts
  • Bake from frozen – no overnight defrost required

These qualities give a massive advantage for restaurants, as the dough doesn’t need to be defrosted beforehand– it’s a simple matter of scooping the frozen chunks into a dish and baking, rather than having to plan ahead and defrosting the right quantity of dough overnight.

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Cookie Dough Dessert

Use Pecan Deluxe frozen cookie dough chunks to make the perfect hot & gooey cookie pud

1.Place a scoopful of cookie chunks to an individual oven proof dessert dish.

2.Bake at around 180 degrees C for about 12-15 minutes.
If you want a smooth top to your dessert – just flatten the chunks with a spoon mid way through baking or defrost the cookie dough prior to use (they only take a few minutes to soften, even quicker in a microwave).

3.Remove from the oven and you’re done! – top with scoopfuls of ice cream, dessert sauce & some big squirts of whipped cream!

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