Pecan Deluxe Leading The Way Down Under

Australian Ice Cream Market on the rise
Here at Pecan Deluxe, we believe the market for ice cream in Australia is a growing one. This has been backed up by research from Innova Market Insights as they found a 14.7% growth from product launches between 2013-2017. Interestingly, the research also found the best-selling ice cream product was multi serve tubs differs from other nations. The main factor behind this is believed to be the population size of 24 million versus the large geographical terrain.

Competition from the industries big names
This growth has not gone unnoticed, with companies such as Baskin Robbins and Ben & Jerrys entering their products into the market, which obviously increases competition greatly. Local manufactures have been trying to find ways to outdo the heavyweight opposition by using innovation. Bulla Dairy (one of the countries oldest manufacturers) have been one of the more high-profile cases in doing this, obtaining a licence from Cadburys to use Marvellous Creations in their ice cream.

At the forefront of Innovation
Pecan Deluxe has been leading the way in this innovation, with popular flavours creations revolving around chocolate brownie, praline nuts, cookie dough and caramel sauce.
Managing Director Graham Kingston explained to FoodIngredientsFirst “Most new flavour combinations are still evolving around caramel, chocolate, brownies and cookies and cream, new variants may be appearing, but in terms of flavours the Australian ice cream market is still quite traditional.
The demand for ongoing new innovative inclusions linked to full product trace-ability, clean label ingredients and provenance is a consistent and growing requirement for the Australia market. This is reflected by some of the brand leaders adding product value through unique flavours, textures and even sensory experiences.” In terms of innovation – in Australia ice cream sandwiches are definitely coming to the fore, including cookie variants, in particular, says Kingston. “Decadent flavours, guilt-free and sugar-free are global trends which have also taken root in Australia,” he adds.
Graham goes on to say how much customer relations play a part in Pecans success, “We have also seen a rise in brands increasingly promoting single sourced, traceable ingredients to reinforce consumer trust. Therefore, a key part of the Pecan Deluxe Candy offering is the production of premium and indulgent ingredients using traditional artisan production methods, backed with full product trace-ability.”
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