Pecan Deluxe was founded as – and remains – a family-owned business. The closeness and care that we’ve felt for our company from the very beginning still lives on. It defines who we are, and extends to our associates, our clients, and the communities where we do business. It is the guiding light for how we do business. In fact, it’s our mission.

Tastes that delight and surprise. Expertise you can trust. And a spirit of teamwork that is focused on making sure your next product meets with rave reviews. When you want to create new tastes that surprise, delight and satisfy, make Pecan Deluxe your secret ingredient.


Our corporate values and our family values are one. You can see them in our love for our products, in our passion for innovation and creativity, and most importantly, in the way that we treat everyone around us with integrity, consideration, and mutual respect.

Welcome to Pecan Deluxe. We’re all family here.


After decades in business, a Texas ice cream retailer made the strategic decision to branch out by selling some of their favorite proprietary ingredients to other companies. This new sideline thrived, and Pecan Deluxe soon became the name that hundreds of dairy, retail, foodservice, and confectionery brands turn to when they want innovative new tastes.

Ice creams. Yogurts. Beverages. Desserts. Confections. Snacks.

Today, Pecan Deluxe has grown to over 400 employees, offering more than 1500 products in the US, Europe and the Far East. And, as we continue our commitment to innovation, inspiration and collaboration, we believe…

Bennie Brigham– Chairman
Jay Brigham – President/CEO

Our sweetest successes are yet to come!


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