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Our premium ingredients can seem simple, but the research and development behind them is incredibly complex.

The Pecan Deluxe family includes a team of food scientists, manufacturing engineers, and research professionals who work tirelessly every day to ensure that we’re bringing the most innovative, highest-quality ingredients to our customers.

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Dedicated to Quality

Located next to our production facility, our Research and Development Department is composed of talented food safety experts and lab technicians who work together to create unique, out-of-the-box inclusions for our customers.


A Multi-Tiered Approach

Your food and beverage inclusions should represent the pinnacle of taste and quality without sacrificing safety. To strike this balance, the Pecan Deluxe R&D team is constantly exploring new, innovative ways to use best-in-class raw materials, equipment, and packaging technologies born from advancements in chemistry, microbiology, nutrition, and engineering.


Researched, Customized, and Compliant

You benefit by getting custom, research-backed samples faster, and quicker commercialization of your final product, which means you stay ahead of the competition. We enjoy having our customers work onsite with us to provide real-time feedback throughout the development process, and our team looks forward to enthusiastically tackling even the most challenging projects.


Why Hundreds of Leading Manufacturers and Food Service Providers Trust Pecan Deluxe

  • Family owned and operated for over 70 years
  • Lean management with direct access to decision makers
  • Speed to market and quick turnaround time for samples
  • Dedicated account team
  • Products made to order
  • Ethical sourcing and social accountability
  • Commitment to quality and food safety
  • Ingredient sourcing continuity and strict supplier standards
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Samples sent out annually from our R&D lab


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I love Pecan Deluxe! They excel in all aspects - service, responsiveness, quality, innovation, and much more. I love that they stay on top of trends and create amazing products for my concept development, especially items I customize specifically with them. We have top selling items due to their craft, and I know our customers appreciate it.

AP, R&D, Top 15 North American Grocery Retailer


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